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Batik/Indigo Workshop - Arianna King Comer

***This class will take place in Lawrence, KS at 147 Pinetree Townhomes***

Exploring Yoruba designing using all design elements on cloth using freehand and imprinting stamps collected from textile countries in batik and adire/shibori techniques. The workshop offers multicolor dyes baths for all natural textiles, as well as immersing our textiles in indigo, the international color honoring ancestry. The workshop offers the participant a cotton  panel to explore Arianne’s Yoruba design practices.The participants can then experiment with their personal natural textile: cotton, silk, rayon, hemp, linen etc for larger explorations.

Batik/Indigo Workshop - Arianna King Comer

  • Date & Time

    Saturday, July 20th, 9am-3pm

  • Instructor

    Arianna King Comer

  • Supplies

    Student Supply List

    • paraffin (and or beeswax)

    • cloth for explorations

    Instructor Will Supply

    • 6-8 batik pans for 4 participants per pan to share
    • International imprinting stamps
    • Dyes for cotton, silk and all natural fibers.
    • Form rubber that I chisel for the participants as needed
    • Yoruba cones for batiking
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